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Good News! Resilient Cities and Structures Indexed in Ei Compendex Database

Recently, the journal "Resilient Cities and Structures" has been indexed in the Ei Compendex database. We sincerely thank all the experts, scholars, reviewers, and the editorial board team for their hard work and dedication.

"Resilient Cities and Structures" is a journal sponsored by Tongji University and published by Elsevier. It aims to publish high-level research papers on resilient structures, systems, cities, and management. The journal provides a world-class scientific exchange platform for researchers and engineers in related fields both domestically and internationally. The journal plays a pivotal role in advancing the development of resilient cities and related industries, thereby contributing significantly to building a better and more sustainable future.

"Resilient Cities and Structures" began with its first meeting in November 2021 and published its first issue in May 2022. The journal gained recognition quickly, getting included in the DOAJ by August 2022, indexed in Scopus in August 2023, and in Ei Compendex by January 2024. Since starting, the journal has consistently published six issues, with 90% of submissions coming from international contributors. The number of submissions and published articles has been steadily growing. The journal organizes monthly meetings of its editorial board and holds a larger annual meeting to discuss and plan for its future. Additionally, it started the "Resilient Cities and Structures Academic Forum," an online seminar series. This initiative actively involves the international editorial board, aiming to enhance the journal's quality and global reach.

“Resilient Cities and Structures Academic Forum" Online Seminar(s)

The journal is led by Editor-in-Chief Professor Ying Zhou from Tongji University. Joining her are prominent figures such as Professor Michel Bruneau from the Canadian Academy of Engineering and the State University of New York at Buffalo, and Professor Gian Paolo Cimellaro from the Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy. The journal also benefits from the expertise of Academician Lu Xilin from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, who serves as a consultant. The editorial board comprises 28 recognized experts in resilience research from various parts of the world, including Asia, America, Europe, and Australia. Their diverse international experiences and insights significantly contribute to the journal's influence and reach.

Editorial Board Committee

The journal's recent indexing in Ei Compendex is a clear indication of its academic excellence, as acknowledged by the international publishing and academic communities. This achievement solidifies the journal's foundation, positioning it for further growth into a premier publication with significant international impact in the field of resilient cities and structures.

Ei Compendex stands as the most comprehensive database in the field of engineering technology, highly respected and widely recognized across global academic, engineering, and information communities. It is currently one of the most extensively utilized large databases in these fields.

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