Information & Notification

  1. This is the official requirements for applying the Collaborative Research Project under International Joint Research Laboratory of Earthquake Engineering (ILEE).
  2. The PI must be a well-established foreign researcher (non-Chinese passport holder) specialized in earthquake engineering.
  3. The co-PI must be a faculty at the College of Civil Engineering at Tongji University, China.
  4. The funding for each project is limited to 600,000 RMB. If the project is supported by ILEE affiliated research centers towards the research on the ILEE earthquake resilient rating theme, ILEE will provide an additional matching fund (1:1 ratio) upto 300,000 RMB. The matching fund must be administrated according to the regulation set by Tongji University and used within China.
  5. The duration of the research project shall be limited to 3 years.
  6. All data generated through this research project shall be appropriately acknowledged. Credit shall be given to the researchers, equipment site, and the International Joint Research Laboratory of Earthquake Engineering.
  7. All font shall be Times New Roman with size no less than 12.
  8. The application form can be downloaded at