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Congratulations to Prof. Ying Zhou, Director of ILEE, on Winning the 'Xplorer Prize'!

We are thrilled to announce that Prof. Ying Zhou, our director, has been honored with the prestigious 'Xplorer Prize.' As the Director of ILEE and Dean of the College of Civil Engineering, her outstanding achievements have led to her well-deserved recognition. The award, sponsored by the New Cornerstone Science Foundation, celebrates exceptional scientists and fosters exploration in the fields of fundamental science and cutting-edge technology.

Prof. Ying Zhou, along with other awardees, will receive a substantial grant totaling 3 million Chinese Yuan over a period of 5 years, providing vital support for their ongoing scientific endeavors.

Prof. Ying Zhou's groundbreaking contributions and unwavering dedication have rightly earned her this well-deserved recognition. As a beacon of inspiration, she embodies the values of the Xplorer Prize.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Prof. Ying Zhou on this remarkable achievement, and we express our gratitude to the New Cornerstone Science Foundation for its commitment to scientific excellence.

Join us in celebrating Prof. Ying Zhou's success as the Director of ILEE and Dean of the College of Civil Engineering. Her contributions to scientific exploration and innovation continue to inspire us all.