Scientific Committee

Shirley Dyke

Editor in Chief, Engineering Structures

Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering, Purdue University

Director, Resilient ExtraTerrestrial Habitats Institute

Director, Intelligent Infrastructure Systems Lab

Shirley Dyke is Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering of Purdue University. Her areas of interest include Structural Dynamics and Control, Damage Detection and Structural Condition Monitoring, and Cyberinfrastructure Development. She obtained his Bachelor of Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering at University of Illinoisand PhD in Civil Engineering at University of Notre Dame. Shirley Dyke has received several notable awards for work with collaborators, including, the National Science Foundation PECASE Award in 1998; the national Science Foundation CAREER Award in 1998; ANCRISST Young Investigator Award in 2007; International Association on Structural Safety and Reliability Junior Research Award in 2001. She is Editor-in-Chief of journal Engineering Structures.