Board of Directors

Jianzhong Li


Bridge Engineering,College of Civil Engineering

International Joint Research Laboratory of Earthquake Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai, P.R.China.



Prof. Jianzhong Li received his Ph.D from Tongji University in 1995. He is now the director of the Multi-Functional Shake Table Lab and the director of Research Division for Seismic Design of Bridges of Tongji University.

Prof. Li has been concentrated his work in the performance-based seismic analysis and design of the long-span bridges,mitigation technology for bridges and the seismic performance of the irregular girder bridges. As far he has published over 100 papers in the field of bridge seismic. In addition, he was the main compiler of several important seismic design code for bridges in China such as the “code for seismic design of urban bridges”, the“ guidelines for seismic design of highway bridges ”and the “code for seismic design of highway projects”. Since recent years, Prof. Li has obtained several important prizes, including one Science and Technology Progress Awards by the State council of PRC (2009)and one prize of Science and Technology Awards by Shanghai Government(2008).