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Delegation from Shanghai University visits ILEE

On August 18th, 2016, an 11-member delegation from Shanghai University leading by the Deputy Secretary and Vice President, Siyi Gong, visits Siping campus of Tongji University. The Vice President of Tongji University, President of the Civil Engineering College and Chair Director of ILEE, Xianglin Gu, and other related personnel of ILEE, warmly welcomed the delegation.

During the small symposium, Siyi Gong, first expresses her acknowledgement for Tongji's kind arrangement. Then, she introduces the situation of the Shanghai University's application for the international joint laboratory program, as well as the problems they encountered. After that, the delegation raises many positive questions to their Tongji counterparts.

Xianglin Gu, introduces the idea and the progress of the development of ILEE. He also mentions that it is actually a mutual benefitting process to share the experiences of establishing the international joint laboratory with other universities. Other members from ILEE also warmly answer the questions from the delegation of Shanghai University based on their experiences, and discuss some common concerns with the visitors.