Centrifuge Tester

Main specifications of Geotechnical Centrifuge:

Main Capacity Effective radius 3.0m
  Max speed of rotation 244rpm
  Main motor 250kW
  Maximum acceleration 200g
  Maximum payload 1.5MN
Platform size Length 1.6m
  Width 1.25m
  Height 2.17m
Data Acquisition Static test 40 channels
  Dynamic test 32 channels


Main spectifications of the Centrifuge Shaking Table:

  • Max. Acc.: amax=20g
  • Max. Velocity: Vmax=38cm/s
  • Max. Disp.: Amax=±6mm
  • Frequency: f=20~200Hz
  • Payload: Mmax=300kg
  • Wave: Sine Wave, Earthquake wave
  • Time Duration: 1 second