Kazuhiko Kasai

Specially Appointed Professor and Collaboration Research Chair,

Institute of Innovative Research,

Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo,Japan




Prof. Kazuhiko Kasai is currently the Specially Appointed Professor of Tokyo Institute of Technology. He is the chairman of both Response Control Committee and Passive Control Effects Sub-Committee, Japan Society of Seismic Isolation (JSSI), Steel Passive Control Sub-Committee, Architectural Institute of Japan (AIJ), and various committees in Japan. He is also the Japanside leader of the Strategic China-Japan (National Natural Science Foundation of China and Japan Science and Technology Agency) Cooperative Program, with focus on seismic evaluation and mitigation technologies for tall buildings. Prof. Kasai is an internationally recognized researcher and educator in the areas of steel structure, response control, and earthquake engineering. He was the chief editor for “JSSI Manual for Design and Construction of Passively Controlled Building, 1st and 2nd editions”, the chief editor for all the AIJ monthly journals, and the guest editor for the special issue “Japan’s Advanced Technology for Building Seismic Protection”, Journal of Disaster Research.

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