Prof. Richard Henry from QuakeCoRE, New Zealand, visits ILEE

Published:2016-07-05  Views:2574

Prof. Richard Henry and Doctoral student Yiqiu Lu as the respresentatives of the ILEE's partner, QuakeCoRE, New Zealand, visit ILEE in July 5th, 2016. ILEE's executvie director Tony Yang gives them a warm reception and shows them around the ILEE's facilities, acommpanied by Prof. Potato Yang who gives a detailed introduction of the Multi-functional shaking table array and other equipments in the Earthquake Engineering Laboratory, Jiading Campus. 


Later, Prof. Richard Henry gives a presentation titled "Seismic design of low-damage precast concrete buildings:  Component behaviour to system level performance" in the conference room A205 of Civil Engineering Building,Siping Campus, and discusses with ILEE directors (Prof. Xilin Lu, Prof. Jianzong Li and Prof. Ying Zhou) and related scholars about the ways and outlines of the future cooperations between two centers. 

Both parts are egerly looking forward to the future meeting and cooperations in the frame work of ILEE.

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