Lecture—Multihazard Analysis and Design for Conventional Structures

Published:2015-11-13  Views:2203

报告人( Speaker):

Phillip L. Gould, Ph.D., P.E.

Distinguished Adjunct Professor St.Louis University

Senior Professor Washington University

时间 (Time): 20151110(周二)15:30-17:00

地点(Venue): 土木大楼A804

主持人( Chair): 吕西林  教授 (Prof. Xilin Lu)

报告简介 (Outline) :

The essential characteristics of earthquake, blast and tornado loadings, as they affect the capacity of conventional structures, are briefly described.  For each loading case, the impact of a significant event on a substantial structure is used to illustrate selected aspects of the structural performance. The response to these events and their consequences are reviewed, similarities to and differences from the requirements on popular lateral load-resisting system requirements will be discussed, and multihazard commonality characteristics are suggested. Also the application of contemporary nonlinear analysis techniques is presented.

报告人简介 (About the Speaker) :

Phillip L. Gould joined Washington University in 1966 after completing his B.S. and M.S at the University of Illinois, enjoying a short but rewarding career as a structural engineer, and finishing doctoral studies at Northwestern University. He was the Harold D. Jolley Professor of Civil Engineering from 1981 until 2010, served as department chair for 20 years and is now a Senior Professor. His research activities have centered on shell analysis with applications to finite element modeling, biomedical engineering, earthquake engineering, and the structural design of thin-shell structures. Dr. Gould is the author of numerous papers and several books, is the founding editor of the prestigious journal, ENGINEERING STRUCTURES and has served as a consultant to industry and to governmental organizations.

Phillip L. Gould received a U.S. Senior Scientist Award from the Alexander V. Humboldt Foundation in Germany for his research on thin-shell structures where he was engaged in the advancement of hyperbolic cooling tower technology. For his research and professional activities, he received an award for outstanding service from the national ASCE and he was also recognized by the St. Louis Section with their highest honor, the Professional Recognition Award for lifetime service and the rarely bestowed Otto Nuttli Earthquake Hazard Mitigation Award. Recently, he was elected  a Distinguished Member of ASCE and presented the Alfred E. Alquist Special Recognition Award by the EERI.

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